90 Day Deferment To Refill Reserves

Financing structure to enable customer to reap profits before first payment due date

SnowWolf QuattroPlow for Skid Steer


The company owner experienced credit issues during divorce proceedings which negatively impacted the business. The former spouse was ordered to pay certain monthly expenses, but failed to do so.

As a result of the downward pressure, the mortgage, installment loans, revolving credit card and medical accounts reported multiple delinquencies. Personal credit score plummeted as well leaving the owner with very few options to save his company.


General Financial successfully provided financing at a reasonable rate with terms appropriate for the company’s monthly revenues.

In addition, the customer returned to General Financial for two additional equipment purchases as the business experienced rapid growth as a result of increasing operational efficiency produced by the SnowWolf equipment.


Our personalized service and financing expertise has provided funding for many of SnowWolf's customers regardless of company size, credit strength, or business history. Let us help you get the snow removal equipment you need.