Improved Operations & Profit Margins

Project Details

Articulating Loader with Grappler and Bucket


Company foreman required this loader to perform daily operations more efficiently. The flexibility of this item eliminated time spent alternating between multiple machines. Rental equipment fees were growing costly and eroding profits.

Company owner had encountered family issues that resulted in several payment delinquencies, with a subsequent credit score decline. Focused on growth goals, the owner reached out to General Financial based on their reputation of providing personalized service.


Uniquely positioned to provide competitively priced funding for small independent companies, General Financial provided 100% financing for the project, with no deposits or advance payments required in order to lower labor costs and improve the company’s cash flows.

As an unexpected benefit, employee moral, especially those of the Foreman, also improved with access to SnowWolf’s high performance equipment.


Our personalized service and financing expertise has provided funding for many of SnowWolf's customers regardless of company size, credit strength, or business history. Let us help you get the snow removal equipment you need.

Project Details

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